Zen, Five Songs to Your Inner God
by Adolfo Rojas
Hi! My name is Santiago, I'm a kid down and soon I will have heart surgery. If you have the 125 mg Tracleer (Bosentan) medicine that you no longer use and not expired, you could donate it to me, think about it, I need six packets before surgery. Thank you.
Santiago Yanez Perez
Avenida Juarez Oriente 199
Centro, C.P. 76800
San Juan del Rio, Queretaro

Omnes B-side
Whisper of the sea
"Zen, five songs to your inner God" is a singing inside to the winds that blow the infinite depth of our essence and our thoughts. A concert to the inexhaustible cosmos that flows in every cell of our being. To be brief, five songs for the light that dwells in each of us and that has been our true self.
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